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Ariano Irpino Viaduct

Ariano Irpino (AV) - Italy


Project category: Bridges

Project type: Private work

Design of a 570m long viaduct within the project for the realization of a new road connection between Valle Ufita - Camporeale - Faeto.

Technical services: Structural calculation of composite deck, structural calculation and project plan of piers

The bridge is made by 10 spans whose length varies from 48m to 61m; the total length of the bridge is 570m. It is supported by abutments and 9 intermediate piers whose height varies from about 12 m to 55 m.

The deck is made by a composite section consisting of 2 longitudinal I-shaped steel beams, of constant height (2.20 m), and cast-in concrete slab. The two steel beams are connected by transverse beams (welded I-beams) at abutments, at piers and about every 6 m in the span. Furthermore, in order to avoid flanges instability an horizontal bracing system made by equal angles profiles is provided.

The piers are made by cast-in concrete rectangular hollow sections; the dimensions of the section are 4 m by 8 m and are constant with height. Because of poor soil properties, the foundations are made of a base slab 4 m thick supported by piles.

In order to reduce earthquake forces on the bridge the supports of the deck are made with seismic devices that allow controlled differential movements between the top of the piers and the deck.