Structural calculation and design

Façade engineering and cladding consultants

Cantina Righetti Stairway

Arcè di Pescantina (VR) - Italy


Project category: Ancillary works

Project type: Private work

Stainless steel-glass stairway with panoramic elevator

Technical services: Proposal and execution plan, site survey and shop drawings, project site supervisor

The stairway with panoramic elevator introduce a strong characterization of the exposition and commercial spaces, since the lightness due to slenderness of the shape and RHS profile used. The raiser unit was described by: an internal structures at service of the panoramic elevator; an elliptical stairs whose sides are made up by bolted stainless steel plates; a stainless steel-glass stairwell.

Some technical data are following reported:

  • Beams and cables: EN 1.4301
  • Quantity/Weight: Beams 2500kg, Plates: 900kg
  • Glass: FT
  • Glazing surface: 120sq.m