Structural calculation and design

Façade engineering and cladding consultants

Mirage Tower

Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) - Italy


Project category: Residential

Project type: Private work

Tower building of eleven floors above ground and basement

Technical services: Structural design

The building called "Mirage" was made with reinforced concrete structure. In particular: the load-bearing vertical structures, of curved shape in plan, rotate and translate each floor, generating an effect of "screwing". The horizontal elements are made up of monolithic reinforced concrete floor slabs. For the realization of the basement, having regard to the presence of groundwater and, in particular, having regard to the presence of buildings in the border, were made perimeter of the diaphragms, which function as hydraulic seal and resistance to the thrust of the ground; particular attention has been devoted to the study of the stages of excavation and bracing of the diaphragms. In addition, given the high loads transmitted by the structure and given the geo-mechanical properties of the soil, it was necessary to adopt a system of deep foundations colled "diaphragm".