Structural calculation and design

Façade engineering and cladding consultants

Vertigo Palace Tower

Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) - Italy


Project category: Residential

Project type: Private work

Tower building eleven stories high plus basement (1 level underground)

Technical services: Structural project plan and site survey

The structure of the tower "Vertigo Palace" is made by reinforced concrete elements. More precisely the vertical load-bearing structures are made by the concrete walls of the stairway-lift core and by a regular grid of columns; the horizontal structures are made of lattice joist with hollow brick infill, except for ground level and first level, which are realized in monolithic concrete slabs.

Due to the presence of groundwater at 1.20 m below ground and, above all, due to the presence of a two stories and a five stories high buildings close to the perimeter of the building, a diaphragm wall realizes the side enclosure of the underground level, both with static and water barrier function. Particular attention has been devoted to the study of the stages of excavation and of temporary support of the diaphragm wall. Moreover, given the high loads transmitted by the structure and the mechanical properties of the soil, a system of pile foundations transfers the loads from the structure to the soil.